Defiant Technologies Frog 5000™ Portable GC PID

Defiant Technologies Frog 5000™ can be used for volatile organic compound(VOC) analysis for water, soil and air samples utilizing a GC PID detector.  It weighs less than 5 lbs.  It can be used for groundwater monitoring, surface water monitoring, vapor intrusion, soil vapor extraction process monitoring, benzene breakthrough monitoring, site characterization, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality (IAQ), and residual solvents. The FROG-5000™ portable GC will detect chemicals as volatile as vinyl chloride in addition to semi-volatile organic compounds such as naphthalene. It can detect VOCs at sub-ppb levels or at high ppm levels depending on its configuration.



ppb to low ppm levels

Standard RS-232 port
Lithium Ion battery or AC power


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