Thermo Partisol 2025i Sequential Air Sampler

 The Thermo Scientific™Partisol™2025i Sequential Air Sampler is designed to meet regulatory requirements for PM2.5, PM10 and PM coarse sampling.  It is a USEPA equivalent method for all three.  What makes the Partisol™2025i different from standard reference samplers is that it has the ability to store and load up to 16 47mm diameter filters, which allows for two weeks of unattended daily sampling.  These units have iSeries communication capabilities.  Remote data access is possible.
US EPA PM 2.5 Refernce Method: RFPS-0498-118
US EPA PM 10 Reference Method: RFPS-1298-127
US EPA PM Coarse Reference Method: RFPS-0509-176


3A @ 120VAC