General Metal Works IP 10-8000 (PM10)

For PM-10 sampling, the GMW Model IP 10-8000 size selective particulate high volume sampler measures particulate with aerodynamic diameters less than or equal to 10 microns. This unit features the basic high volume air sampler with sampling inlet, mass flow controller/solid state or digital timer, pressure transducer flow recorder and filter holder. The removable collection shim provides efficient cleaning during maintenance periods. This unit meets all of EPA PM-10 performance specifications.


120 v AC, 745 watts
Shipping Weight: 
125 lbs., 3 boxes total

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
The removable collection shim requires recoating with Silicone grease between uses. The GMW Model 10-8000 requires some assembly because shipping intact can result in damage. Different filter media are available for various applications such as glass fiber or quartz. Calibration Kits are a seperate rental.

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Detailed Specifications: 


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