Technical Heater™ Heated Sample Lines (HSL)

CleanAir Instrument Rental provides heated sample lines in various lengths. We offer durable Teflon® lined hoses electrically heated for operation up to 350° F. The hoses are flexible and include a CleanAir Express heater control box designed to allow the user to select line temperature up to 350° F.  Stainless steel heated sample lines are also available at lengths up to 50 feet.  Heavy duty heated sample lines are available for cold climates.  Heated lines can also be purchased from Clean Air Express Equipment Sales.



up to 350° F

varies depending on length
Shipping Weight: 
varies depending on length

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
All of our heated sample lines incorporate a second Teflon line within the hose sheath. This second line is provided for calibration of your entire sampling system by the flow of calibration gas to the probe and back to the sampling system. Optional strain relief devices are also available upon request.

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Detailed Specifications: 


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